My 7 Step Method for Selling (Very) Big Ticket Products

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If you have a big ticket item to sell, you might have wondered what is the best way to sell it. When I refer to “big ticket,” I’m taking about products or service with $5,000 plus price tags. High ticket stuff like private coaching programs, mastermind groups, done-for-you services, etc.

The (Very) Big Ticket Selling System

Okay, first…I’m going to reveal the marketing system to sell super high ticket items. THEN, I’m going to share with you


Find out what the worst, smelliest, ugliest problem that your prospect suffers from (that you can solve) and what the consequences are from that problem.


Create some type of information product that talks about WHAT (not “how”) you should do to solve that problem. It might be a webinar, ebook, an audio CD, a DVD, a special report etc. Assign a super awesome title to that product like, “11 Little Known Insider Secrets to Generating All the Referrals You Can Handle.” At the end of that information product, create an offer for a free or low cost, NO OBLIGATION, consultation.


Now create a mechanism to promote and deliver the information product. This will usually be a high converting, online landing page.If you’re promoting an audio program you might use to fulfill the CD once someone requests it. Or you might use something like to deliver your special report or ebook via a pdf file.


Find out where your prospects assemble and start advertising the information product like crazy. You can advertise online using Adwords or Facebook ads. Or you might advertise in trade magazines or newsletters. Make sure you track your ads and monitor where you’re getting the most advertising bang for your buck.

One of the most effective systems I’ve used to advertise a lead generation information product is by creating custom greeting cards that offered audio CD’s to a target market. I used to create and send the cards.


Once you start receiving requests for phone conversations, you’ll have an opportunity to discover what your prospects problems are and give them an offer to solve their problem.


Once you have your prospect on the phone, you want to run through these steps…

a. Find out what their specific problems are.

b. Find out the consequences of their problem.

c. Quantify their problems into a specific dollar amount.

f. Find out what they’ve already done to try and fix it.

e. Explain to them your solution.

f. Explain the benefits of receiving your solution.

g. Tell stories of people who’ve benefited from you solution.

h. Detail to them the required investment.

i. Compare the dollar amount of their problem to the required investment to fix it.

j. Talk about what the consequences are of not fixing the problem.

k. Let them know what the next steps will be.

l. Answer their concerns.

m. Get a commitment.

This is a super high level explanation of what an inbound consultation might look like. Obviously, there’s more to it, but this will give you a flavor of the flow of the conversation.


Not everyone is going to sign up immediately. Most folks need to let your offer simmer in their minds. During that simmer time, you need to feed them with more proof that your solution works and that you are the ONLY person who can fix their problem. You do that through follow up. You can follow up through sending newsletters, additional relevant information, periodic greeting cards, special reports etc.

That’s how you sell very high ticket products and services. Or at least that is one of the best ways I’ve ever used to sell high ticket products. The key is to get someone to REQUEST your consultation. That’s the secret. If they request your consultation, it means their problem is bad enough that they are willing to take the effort to pick up the phone and ask for help.

When they do that, you have already won half the battle.

David Frey is a Contributor to the Six Figure Coach Magazine and the Author of the Small Business Marketing Bible.

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